The Founding of Magick: Part 1

The Founding of Magick: Part 1

To understand magick, one must first understand the inner workings and turnings of mythril.

Mythril is a mineral-like substance characterized by spontaneous growth, incredible durability and hardness, a low volume-to-mass ratio, and boasts the remarkable ability to channel what is referred to as “magick.”

Mythril can be shaped and formed the way a smith forges a spear head: using careful application of heat and pressure. It will grow from rock formations, glaciers, the seabed, and even the giant trees of the Taga Mara Jungle.

The adaptability of mythril is truly wondrous; for from a metal-like ore, one can craft weaponry, spin thread into soft and supple clothes, or grind it into a powder so fine, that when added to drinks, there is no trace nor taste.

Mythril channels not magick — as is of popular belief — but rather acts as a mobile leyline tethered to the origin and plane of magick itself: the Aether. Through this connection a kind of imperceptible portal can be opened, allowing the energy that flows through the Aether to interact with that of the Material plane, ignoring the boundaries of the gulf that lies between the two.

With this energy, a Mythrilium can call upon the power of the Guardians, who then, through omnipotent ambivalence, shape the energy to the prayer of the caster. For this is what a spell is; magick is made material by the will and blessing granted by the Guardians. The Guardian a Mythrilium hast pledged themselves to will answer the prayer of their congregant — and it is only through the planar ripping catalyzed by mythril, and the power of the Guardians, that Mythrilium can cast spells.

As we Mythrilium are comprised of the living form of mythril known as mythrid, we act as living leylines; this is the reason why throughout the past, before the Second Gift, magick and its application were far more controlled and limited throughout society — as to channel magickal power, a mage would need a source of pure mythril.

It is unclear of when, where, or whom to attribute the first wielding of magick.

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