The Firmament

The Firmament

In the beginning, there was only naught but Nothing, limitless and formless, endless and eternal. In an instant, born from the birth of a thought of a thought, Ebris, Guardian of the night, the void, keeper of all that is unknowable, Lord of the Lonely, empty vessels, recluses, Bearer of the Abyss, eldest of guardians, came to be at the beginning: before time, before fate, and before the planes themselves coalesced.

Obfuscated by the clinging shadow of fate, seeping from the swirling pattern of thought, Sionem, Guardian of time, of the stars, the forever-flowing river of Chronos, the machination of fate, the planestrider, the invisible eye, the second Guardian, born in the pure black of Abyssus, marked upon the void as Ebris formed Nothing into form; the elder twin saw the end of all things, and quickly hastened forward.

Caged and bound in the grand jest of time unending, Crogeney, Guardian of Fate, the weaver of the grand web of destiny, lord of grand desires and daring plans, spinner of all hope, giver of all glory, master of balance, lord of luck, the lesser twin and the third Guardian, spun the first string, threading twine from the fates of Ebris, Sionem, and Chrogeny herself, binding the end of everything, even nothing, to that their own.

Exuding from the tear carved by Sionem to escape the dark of Abyssus, abandoning their twin to their fate, a rush of air broke and breathed the first mark of time: wind. Reeling with glee, born from the first current, Entu, Guardian of the Sky, danced an unending dance. As wind drew salty tears from her eyes, she gave birth to the salt sea, which churned into Rosul, the Guardian of the Sea. Her son would bless her eyes to never cry again, and they would marry, locked eternally in love.

The love shared between Entu and Rosul grew until they became one: Ensul, Guardian of Storms, mirth, music, and beauty. From the purest of the first of first loves, rising from the sea and greeted in tidal forces, was born Reat, Guardian of Gaia, flora, fauna, tender of the forests and the beasts and the mountains, Lord of the nurturing, of farmers, the trees, and kinship, and she, born from the purest love, bestowed upon the world her own.

The first flesh quivered to life in a barren, cold, and dark land, and was named Sors, Guardian of Life. Lord of flesh, hunger, blood, and pain, reveler in food, laughter, defilement and debauchery, Lord of hedonism, lustful conquest, greed, cannibalism, and slavery, Sors, once a beautiful man, turned to defile his creations, and, for naught but his own comfort, created fire, using the very flesh of his children as kindling.

Branded upon all creation, Igni, the First flame, Guardian of fire, rage, and thirst, maker of war and destruction, Lord of love, the powerful and lost sailors, was cast out into the makings of the world. Jailed by Sors to the bodies of his kin, Igni sought to escape the Lord of Pain using the only path he could, and spread himself across the world, consuming and destroying all life in his path. From the burning came light, and as fire burned, the stars were born.

Seared into creation arose Lux, the First Light, Guardian of the sun, of lightning and thunder, protector of peace, medicine, and healers, Lord of the loyal, the pure, and the courageous, the first star burgeoned into being, shining her light upon the world from afar. Temptation fading as the dark faded with day, life abated from the cult of fire, and together, Igni and Lux, the second twins, would light the realms of the universe.

Lux, in all her purities, could not forgive Sors for her own, nor Igni’s creation, and the consummation of the cult of fire. And so she sought to seek justice for his crimes, and made Justice; Gravithoth, Guardian of order, judgment, the dignity of weight and the power of consequence, champion of fatigue and punishment, Lord of cleanliness and discipline, who would see Sors bear the body of a stinking leech, covered in sores, and wrapped in smoldering poison ivy.

Appalled by the profundity of Sors’ transgressions, Gravithoth made the final judgment, and deemed all life fit for Death. Falling upon the world in miasma, Mors, Guardian of death and decay, disease, plague and famine, castaways, vagrants, slaves, the sick, the poor, those seeking vengeance, the Keeper of fear and spite, Lord of murderers, the desperate, and the betrayed, tore across all life, ending those too weak to fight, and dooming all to die.

Thrust into a world not made for it, the First Soul, Guardian of the moon, of souls, of emotion, muses and art, Lord of revenge, the Queen of Dreams, Lunatimic was made, born from Death, and lifted herself into the sky, to the stars, drawn by the pure light of Lux. There, she and light would lay, but in the light, she could not find rest. So she left to find Igni, with whom she lay, but the flames tickled her, and she could not rest.

Lunatimic sought her body’s father, Sors, who mocked her sorrow, scorned her death, and cast her into the dark. In a lightless glade, Reat found Lunatimic, and in love, created for her a realm of her own, Lunanul, the moon. In this, devoid of all life and pain, Lunatimic dreamed, and shepherded the newly dead to her, where they dreamt of everything, and brought to being the final Guardian, Tenesomniarc, Guardian of knowledge, of invention, Knower of all, Lord of pursuit, and Keeper of memory.

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