Martial Arts: The Warden

Martial Arts: The Warden

Fire rained from the sky, the night screaming into day. What this war had become, none of us could comprehend. There was no honor, there was no glory. Just the lucky, unlucky, and my shield. How I survived the barrage, I do not know.



Shieldwall: Choose to activate at the beginning of your turn. Your character’s Kite Shield blocks Hits dealt from AoE Skills, Spells, Items, and Environment effects. Your character can attempt a Weapon roll with your Kite Shield in replacement of any Resilience, Fortitude, or Resolve roll.

A warden is never without a shield, for without a shield, a warden is nothing.

Uses: 5

Command: Used during your character’s turn. Select an allied target within 6 tiles of your character. The target adds +1 to their next Weapon roll or Spell roll. Command is a Free Action.

The martial art of the Warden is the newest, save for that of the Berserker. During the second half of the Mage Wars, Heshbonian captains focused on providing battlefield orders, and would go entire battles without drawing their weapon.

Uses: 4

Battlecry: Used during your character’s turn. Your character serves as the center of a 5x5 tile AoE that forces all enemy targets within the affected tiles to attempt a Resolve roll against your Weapon roll. If a target fails, on their next turn, the target will move up to their maximum Move distance, to their maximum Weapon’s attack range from your character, and use all available RPT on Weapon rolls against your character.

Shout a loud and enraging warcry, drawing the ire of your enemies. To protect their mages, the shieldbearers of Vordel would hurl insults at enemy soldiers.

Uses: 3

Poise: Used in reaction to a successful Weapon roll against your character. Negate the incoming Hit and its effects. Poise can be used once per round.

Summon the strength within oneself to withstand an incoming blow. After the proliferation of the 82nd regiment’s tactics, the Knights of the Arch took upon the teachings of the war.

Uses: 2

Shining Armor: Used in reaction to a successful Spell roll against your character. Negate the incoming Hit and its effects.

Look within to center oneself against the influence of energy. The heaviest of all soldiers, Geralt Goodriver withstood an onslaught of forty while Reddi and his troops forged across the river. 

Uses: 1


Battlehand: All allies within 4 tiles of your character attempt Aim rolls at advantage. Add +1 to Weapon rolls. Once per round, add 1 additional Strike Hit to a successful Weapon roll, and Crush the target until the end of their next turn.

The most common martial art shared amongst captains in the Mage Wars, Warding offers its strategy well to leadership. True leaders bring out the best in their charges, and remove obstacles from their path.

Wrathwall: Successfully blocking a Weapon roll made within 1 tile of your character causes the attacker to take 1 Strike Hit. Wrathwall can be used once per round.

The kite shield is, according to the oft-celebrated historian Tokenten, the absolute best shield; only bested in protection by a pavise, but wieldy enough to not hinder movement. When held in the hands of a Warden, the kite shield is a weapon unto itself.

Valorheart: Your character uses your Vitality die when determining the value of a Weapon roll made with your Kite Shield.

Some of the bravest soldiers to have ever lived fought as Wardens; Grey Rain, who would single-handedly hold the bridge of the Mountain Keep for three days; or Mimir Higtu, the Savior of Girgashi, and Slayer of the Red Manticore.

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